L+7 Viewership Lift — Week of 4/17/17

Below is a ranking of the Top 25 shows in L+7 post-airdate viewership gain (technical speak for “people watching a new episode of a TV show up to seven days after it airs”) for the week of 4/17/17 ending on 4/23/17 — with our customary Notes and Other Observations. Note that we’ve been tracking this since the beginning of the season, so that insight may reflect here:


Notes and Other Observations:

  • CBS’s entire Tuesday night (NCIS, Bull and NCIS: New Orleans) and CBS’s entire Sunday night (NCIS: Los AngelesMadam Secretary and Elementary) lineups rank in this Top 25.
  • No new entries this week.
  • Season low in this metric for the 9pm episode of The Blacklist (returning from a two-month break to make room for its spinoff) and 24: Legacy.

And below is a listing of the Top 25 shows season-to-date in the same metric with our customary Notes and Other Observations.


Notes and Other Observations:

  • Designated Survivor has topped this ranking since its 9/21/16 premiere — often more than doubling on its L+SD (Live plus Same-Day) viewership. In fact, its L+7 viewership average is currently 7% above its L+SD viewership average (and 18% above #2-ranked This Is Us — which has concluded for the season).
  • There are currently four new shows in this Top 25 (Designated Survivor at #1, This Is Us at #2, Bull at #6 and Timeless at #16).
  • This Top 25 is made up of 5 ABC shows, a leading 11 CBS shows (portending a younger viewership than the network is given credit for and/or a greater adoption of the technology than those older viewers are given credit for), 8 NBC shows and 1 FOX show.
  • This Top 25 is made up of only TWO comedies (one multi-cam and one single cam) and TWENTY-THREE dramas (sixteen procedurals and seven more serialized).
  • This Top 25 is made up of 2 Monday shows, 5 Tuesday shows, a leading 7 Wednesday shows, 6 Thursday shows, 2 Friday shows and 3 Sunday shows.
  • This Top 25 is made up of three 8pm shows, ten 9pm shows and twelve 10pm shows.
  • The most time-shifted hour is Wednesdays at 9pm — with shows on ABC (Modern Family), NBC (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit), CBS (Criminal Minds) and FOX (Empire) airing in that time period ranking in this Top 25. Keep in mind that neither FOX nor the CW program the 10pm hour — so Wednesdays at 10pm (with Designated Survivor on ABC, Chicago PD on NBC and Code Black on CBS) also have representation across those three remaining networks that do.
  • CBS’s entire Tuesday night (NCISBull and NCIS: New Orleans) and ABC’s entire Thursday night lineups (Grey’s AnatomyScandal and How to Get Away with Murder) currently rank in this Top 25 season-to-date.
  • #4-ranked The Blacklist returned this week to finish out its season. Whether its positioning in this Top 25 rises, falls or stays the same remains to be seen, but it will hold its Top 25 status.
  • #2-ranked This Is Us, #16-ranked Timeless, #17-ranked HTGAWM and #18-ranked Code Black have completed their respective seasons. Whether their positioning rises, falls or stays the same remains to seen but they’re all likely to hold their Top 25 status.

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