Will There Be a Fourth Season for CBS’s “The Odd Couple”?: A Look at the Numbers

On Monday night, CBS’s wholly unnecessary remake of ABC’s 1970-1975 TV adaptation of The Odd Couple either aired its third season finale or its series finale.

CBS typically holds off on announcing most of its renewals and cancellations until just before it presents its fall schedule in May, so we’ll have anywhere from a couple of hours to a few months to find out whether or not The Odd Couple will be renewed for a fourth season.

The answer will most likely be found somewhere in the numbers — good, not good and somewhere in the middle:


  • This season, which launched on 10/17/16, The Odd Couple averaged 4.99 million L+SD viewers on Mondays at 930pm with a 2 Broke Girls lead-in of 5.77 million L+SD viewers for a healthy 86% retention rate.
  • L+SD premiere-to-finale viewership rose 16% this season from 4.58 million to 5.30 million with a season high of 5.78 million for the penultimate episode of the season and a low of 4.28 million for the third episode of the season.
  • The Great IndoorsThe Odd Couple‘s time slot successor on Thursdays at 830pm, is averaging 7.61 million L+SD viewers through 1/19/17 — virtually flat with the 7.64 million L+SD viewers The Odd Couple averaged in that time slot last season from eight out of thirteen episodes (the other five aired on Mondays at 930pm). Both shows had a Big Bang lead-in and both retained about 50% of that massive audience.


  • The Odd Couple has only aired 38 episodes over its three shortened seasons — which is hardly enough for syndication.
  • Those 39 episodes are well below the 66 episodes a typical broadcast series would have amassed by the end of its third season to even have a run at syndication with another full season or two of new episodes.
  • Out of 27 CBS shows so far this season, The Odd Couple currently ranks 25th in L+SD viewership — ahead of Ransom and 48 Hours, which both air on Saturday nights where viewership levels are lower.


  • The 4.99 million L+SD viewers The Odd Couple is averaging this season is 26% below last season, which launched on 4/7/16 and averaged 6.74 million L+SD viewers. Keep in mind that The Odd Couple had originals and repeats of The Big Bang Theory as a lead-in — respectively on Thursdays at 830pm and Mondays at 930pm.
  • The Odd Couple is down 14% from the 5.81 million L+SD viewers it averaged on Mondays at 930pm last season with five out of thirteen episodes (the other eight aired on Thursdays at 830pm). Repeats of The Big Bang Theory served as a lead-in for those five episodes and averaged 7.18 million L+SD viewers — 24% above the 5.77 million L+SD viewers for originals of 2 Broke Girls, the show’s lead-in this season.

CBS gave The Odd Couple a solid launch on 2/19/15 between an original episode of The Big Bang Theory and the hourlong series finale of Two and a Half Men. And for each of its first two seasons, the show was given an enviable Big Bang lead-in.

Still, given the show’s three shortened seasons — which respectively launched in February, April and October instead of during the traditional premiere week in September, CBS wasn’t really all that high on the show. And given its middling ratings — which would be stellar on either NBC, FOX and the CW, CBS had good reason not to be.

But given the fact that The Odd Couple is an in-house production, odds of a renewal a slightly higher than of a cancellation — especially if the network’s development slate is lackluster and they want to hold it for midseason.


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