ABC’s “Quantico” Moves from Sunday to Monday

quanticoABC recently announced that its 10pm Sunday closer Quantico would be moving to Monday nights at 10pm in January.

It’s a protective move for the ABC-owned second-year series, the first half of which (eight episodes) has seen a 47% decline in L+SD from the first eight episodes this time last season — largely on account of low-rated lead-in Secrets & Lies, which is down 17% from Blood & Oil this time last year (and to a lesser extent, 8pm anchor Once Upon a Time, whose nine-episode first half is down 30% from the first nine episodes this time last year).

But unlike Secrets & Lies and Blood & OilQuantico is more of a factor in L+7 with a DVR lift of 89% this season (2.54 million viewers) — up four percentage points (but down 32% in raw viewership lift) from last season.

In its new Monday night time slot, Quantico takes the place of Conviction — whose back nine was not picked up. And though Conviction draws 48% more L+SD viewers (4.21 million), it has a much stronger lead-in from Dancing with the Stars — which has averaged 10.5 L+SD viewers this season.

With Dancing with the Stars between cycles, The Bachelor, which averaged 9.53 million L+7 viewers last season, will air on Monday nights leading into the relocated Quantico — providing a much stronger lead-in (though slightly less than that of Stars) than Quantico has had in either of its two seasons so far.

But two questions remain. How much of that lead-in will Quantico retain? And how will it perform in comparison to Castle last season?

Sources: TV Series Finale for L+SD ratings information and Spoiler TV for L+7 ratings information.



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