First-Year Series “This is Us” Hits New Viewership High


This Is UsNBC’s new beneficiary of a Voice lead-in, has taken great advantage of it with a new L+SD viewership high of 10.56 million viewers for its 11/29 airing.

Airing on Tuesday nights at 9pm out of the Voice results show, This Is Us is averaging 9.4 million L+SD viewers season-to-date and retaining 88% of its Voice lead-in.

Additionally, with an average DVR lift of 54%, This is Us is averaging 14.2 million L+7 viewers — 6% ABOVE The Voice in this metric.

With this ratings performance so far, This Is Us is NBC’s #1 new show, NBC’s #2 show overall, network broadcast TV’s #2 new show (behind CBS’s Bull) and ranked #12 among all network broadcast programs in L+SD — which is likely to translate into a Top 10 ranking by season’s end.


Sources: TV Series Finale for L+SD ratings information and Spoiler TV for L+7 ratings information.

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