“Blue Bloods” is Network Broadcast TV’s Underrated Stalwart

CBS’s “Blue Bloods” tops Friday nights.

It doesn’t have the buzz of fellow family drama Empire. It doesn’t generate the Emmy attention accorded to The Good Wife. It doesn’t have the twitter presence of Scandal. And it doesn’t have the viewership of NCIS.

But Blue Bloods is one of broadcast TV’s most underrated stalwarts.

Airing on Friday nights at 10pm on CBS — a night largely consider to be the death knell for any series, Blue Bloods has somehow managed to draw over 10 million viewers each week since its first season and regularly tops the night in this metric.

That viewership has been good for a consistent Top 25 Nielsen ranking for each of its first six seasons, a Top 20 ranking for five of those seasons, a Top 15 for four of those seasons and a Top 10 ranking for two of those seasons as outlined below:

2010-2011  Ranked #17 with 12.71 million viewers

2011-2012  Ranked #21 with 12.16 million viewers

2012-2013  Ranked #13 with 13.17 million viewers

2013-2014  Ranked #10 with 13.63 million L+7 viewers

2014-2015  Ranked #13 with 13.78 million L+7 viewers

2015-2016  Ranked #10 with 13.08 million L+7 viewers

So far this season, Blue Bloods has been averaging 10.1 million L+SD viewers (through 11/18/16) and 14.12 million L+7 viewers (through 11/11/16). Its L+SD viewership is good for a #10 ranking so far this season and its L+7 viewership is up 15% from the previous season so far.

Not bad for a Friday night show in its SEVENTH season.

Sources: TV Series Finale for L+SD ratings information and Spoiler TV for L+7 ratings information.

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